My baby ain’t from around here but that’s okay

and he’s a little bit shy he don’t have much to say

but he’s the prettiest boy I swear you’ll ever see

and I just can’t believe that he’s with me

I said I still can’t believe that he’s with me

but sometimes that little boy gets insecure

I try to tell him he’s the only one but he’s not sure

I got to make that boy believe that he’s gotta be mine

cuz I am falling in love and it’s been a long time

I said I just fell in love and it’s been a long time

it’s been a long long time

since I felt this way

and when you’re standing right next to me

I just can’t think straight

but then you keep asking me

if what I feel is true

but you know

that I know

that you know

how I feel about you

Behind bars of my own creation

I sit and pass the time

In a cell of my own making

In a prison of my own design

I sit quietly and wait

And wait, and wait some more

And there’s a guard, I see his shadow

And he never leaves the door

This room is not unpleasant

My life is not so bad

I could be happy here in prison

If I could get over being sad

I didn’t choose this life I say

But then I think again

Would I choose to leave this cell

And let my life begin?

So I’ve wasted so much time

Just waiting to be set free

And in the dark I finally know

The guard was only me

Remember the secret?
Back when it was new
I just had to keep it
What else could I do?

That little secret
It seemed so benign
It was just no one’s business
No one’s business but mine

And the years tick away
And time passes by
But secrets don’t age
They grow into lies

It was so easy to try
With a lie that’s so small
That it’s barely a lie
Hardly a lie at all

But lies don’t age either
They grow into deception
And as deceit becomes easier
We lose our direction

We forget who we are
We forget who we were
I remembered the scars
But I forgot I was her

I hated to lie
But what else could I do?
It was such a small lie
That I tried to make true

And you hide every day
While you’re living a lie
And the years tick away
As time passes by

Too many years wasted
Watching life from afar
With no joy to be tasted
No seat at the bar

So the secret becomes a lie
And the lie becomes deceit
And deceit becomes a life
That can never be complete

And time after time
Another mountain to ascend
There’s no end to the climb
For a man that pretends

And finally the burden
Is too much to bear
As the secret takes root
And holds you right there

You struggle to proceed
But the path isn’t clear
And the strength that you need
Is diluted with fear

And then you can’t take it
And one day you see
That you don’t have to fake it
And you set yourself free

Remember that secret?
It’s no longer mine
I just couldn’t keep it
So I left it behind

I really didn’t want him to leave me
But he left me right here all alone
He said he didn’t want the house now
So he left me and our dog here at home
And I really didn’t want him to go
And I cried when I told him so
But he had already made up his mind
So I tried to tell him one last time
Babe I really don’t want you to leave me
I’ll do anything if you stay
I know that it’s hard to believe me
But I can prove it give me one more day
So I really didn’t want him to go
Yes I wanted him to stay that’s a fact
I really didn’t want him to leave me
But I don’t really want him back
I never knew there was a right way
I only knew my way was wrong
Always scared of what they might say
When they found out before too long
So I spent my life pretending
To be something I can’t be
I didn’t break but I was bending
I don’t know why they couldn’t see
Because to me it seemed so obvious
That I was clearly not a man
They only knew that I was different
I knew they wouldn’t understand
And they always picked me last
In a game I couldn’t win
I tried so hard to join them
But they would never let me in
Their hatred came so natural
They never gave it a second thought
I was a faggot and a sissy
And I deserved everything I got
But today I can remember
And I can smile as I do
Because I can finally love myself
Because I finally made it through
Let me introduce you to your machine
Most lifelike robot you’ve ever seen
You’ve been working on it for years
Finally programmed away the tears
I guess they made me a little too real
Here I am version 1.0
Still a few bugs left to go
Only a few things left to do
I can’t remember ever loving you
Maybe fix that in 1.2
I see your face
and remember when
late September
now I’m back again
I see your feet as I look at the ground
I see the leaves have all fallen down
I see your lips as you start to speak
I hear your words and
I get weak
I don’t hear why
does it have to end?
for three short years
you were my best friend
Now, I remember back
to a time before
we were together for six months
or maybe more
you and me were stranded at the beach
your car won’t start
and there’s nothing to eat
I was scared
I didn’t know what to do
that’s when you held me and said
no one will ever hurt you
we spent the night
that night
on the shore
that’s when you held me and said
you’ve never felt this way
well back then I never thought
that I’d see the day
when you’d say goodbye
but the day did come
and you did say it
and you made me cry
so many years ago
when you walked away
and you left me standing in the pain
so tell me
I gotta know
why did you leave me?
I never knew why
was it something bad?
was it something I did?
was it that other guy?
so many years ago
when you walked away
and you left me standing
in the pain
and she’s just got something
she can’t wait to give away
it lives deep in her heart
and it gets deeper everyday
until she just can’t help it
and she lets it get away
then she’ll follow it around
and she’ll do everything it say
until she just can’t take it
and she’ll stop and look around
she’ll say I’ve had enough
I am not your fucking clown
and now she’s left with something
she don’t wanna give away
it lives deep in her heart
and it gets deeper every day
so I’m rollin’
down the road
once again I’m rollin’
down a lonely road
the only road I know?
oh where does it go?
I get off the road every now and then for the show
and I love the people
but I know
it won’t be long before I’m gonna have to go
it happened again
I’ve run away from all I know
but I can only fake so much
before I gotta go
some people might think they know me
but they don’t
sometimes I think I might find some love
but I guess I won’t